Bodhi seed


This special ear jewelry is a dance between the energy’s of the Rooster, Peacock and Pheasant, together with the healing energy from the Rudraksha seed and Malachiet crystal.

The Rudraksha is a seed from the holy Bodhi tree from India and for ages it is used in mala’s for meditation. Rudraksha seed is known for protection and to invite blessings into your life.

Malachiet is a powerful purifying stone absorbing negative energy. In combination with the strong energy of the Rooster, the nourishing energy of the Pheasant and the colorful being of the Peacock this earring will rock your day!

Every piece is handmade with love and care for mother earth and the birds. Because it is a natural product (even there are two in stock) every product is unique and slightly different. Made with brass wire (nickel free).


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