About Joy

Thank you for your interest in my page and work and welcome to read a bit more about my background and path.

I am a daughter of Mother Earth. My path of the last ten years was about remembering this.. it was leading me naturally back to nature and to the land where I grew up. A place in the South of Holland where Mother Earth can still dance free, quite rare in Holland as you can imagine.

Mother Earth is a constant inspiration for everything that wants to come into creation from my heart. The medicinal plants are my teachers in this process, they opened for me insights in the energetic world and lead me in the way to build relationships with the elements and learn from the knowledge from the indiginous people. All this teachings are weaved together in the things I do, the way I make my products, organise events and run my business. It showed me how to be a guardian of the land where I live with my family and the land where we organise beautiful ceremonies with the Earth Tribe. More info about this is following.