About Spirit Feathers

In Shamanism is known that every animal represents a  unique energy. Birds are the messengers of the higher realms, they represent the subtile energy’s carried by the wind. Wearing feathers works like little antennas and can help you invite this special energy into your life. Calling in the divine messages.

Do you know this? Just when you are in need for some clarity or connection you find this beautiful feather and instantly you feel the support of nature and the universe backing you. The signs of the birds can be very clear if you start opening up for what they want to tell you. 

The feathers I use for the jewelry are coming in different ways on my path, knowing the origin of the feathers is important for me and I try to get them as fair as possible. I find them, (or they find me),  I have places where I find molting feathers every year, like from the peacock. But I also buy them, like the Rooster and Pheasant feathers, knowing that they are a ‘by-product’ from the meat industry and knowing that also without me buying the feathers this still will be happening. For me it feels by making something beautiful from them and wearing it with care and respect, we honor the bird and its life. 

Also before and while making the jewelry I always align myself with the energy of the bird, thank it for its life and sending it lots of love and gratitude. 

Below is a list with the energy of the birds (where I work with at the moment) and the symbolic meaning they represent. 

Rooster: rising of a new day and keeper of the sun/muscaline energy. Opening up for sensuality and fertility. The power to manifest and create to start making things happen. 

Peacock: the Peacock is the expression of beauty and divinity manifest in physical form. Showing you a reflection of inner grace on the outside. And waking you up for the beauty of your own body. Accepting and honoring it, for it is a mirror of the soul. 

Ara/Parrot: Inviting you to show your true colors to the world, in all creative ways, by using art, color and dance as expression but most of all by using your voice. And let yourself be heard.

Owl: Silence of the night. Bringer of mystery, deep healing and female wisdom. Helps you to find your vision in the night.  

Pheasant: the colorful pheasant represent beside the element Air the element Fire. Self expression in your own creative way and fertility is part of the energy.  

Jay: perseverance, to stand for what you need and let the world know that you are out there.